External relations

This is the strategic management of communication and engagement with audiences outside your sector or client base.


External audiences can include, policy makers, government, funding bodies, peers, industry, commercial partners and others.


The goal is to increase your impact and influence by raising awareness of your purpose and reputation. Building relationships is central to successful external relations.


First we develop a set of detailed objectives, then a clear external voice and finally a plan that sets out digital, print and face-to-face activities that will amplify your voice.


Your external voice informs the tone used in communications, the language choice and the topics covered including your key messages. It must be closely aligned with your overall strategy.


Our external relations services include:


  • Develop and agree objectives
  • Develop and agree tone, language, etc - your external voice
  • Draft a timeline and budget for activities
  • Roll out campaigns and activities
  • Support your senior team to be proactive regarding external audiences
  • Act as an internal advocate for an improving external voice
  • First point of contact for the media, including out of hours cover if applicable
  • Compile and issue press releases
  • Compile and manage relevant online and offline collateral
  • Monitor and report to the senior team periodically


Many people call this PR, or press relations, but we prefer the broader definition of external relations.


In our experience, this is an area where many organisations could benefit from assistance.


Contact us to find out how you can have a more effective external voice.

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