Market research

Member research is critical to providing behavioural and attitudinal insight to management.

Maintaining up to date knowledge of your marketplace, competitors, members and prospects provide your membership organisation with as competitive advantage.

We provide our clients with a complete market research service.

Our market research services include:

 - Helping membership organisation define their research objectives
 - Carrying our competitor and market analysis and appraisals
 - Research planning
 - Questionnaire development
 - Providing use of online survey platforms
 - Recruitment to focus groups and in-depth interviews
 - Moderation of focus groups and other qualitative formats
 - Coding of quantitative research results
 - Graphical presentation of research results
 - Analysis, commentary and recommendations

The starting point is to understand your needs, objectives and budgets.

For  reasons of confidentiality we cannot always show client research work online but if you'd like to know more please contact us.