Brand identity

Your brand identity is not just a logo. It’s made up of range of elements that collectively let your audiences know who you are and what you stand for. It’s about how you are perceived and thought of. This can include a complete rebrand starting with a change of name. Or we refresh identities so they align with goals and objectives, looking at your logo, colour, fonts, tone of voice, tagline, key messaging. Your visual ID is visual expression of your brand identity that can be communicated to your audiences.


  • Critique existing brand identity: We will do this but we also want and need you to do it too.


  • Concepts: We will explore options and give you a number directions showing how your new or refreshed identity could look in terms of typography and graphical style. At the end of this stage we choose an agreed direction.


  • Development: The agreed direction will be developed. Colour will be introduced and we will show limited contextual applications. At the end of this stage feedback will be gathered.


  • Refinement: Feedback will be incorporated and a final brand identity presented, including identity architecture – how the logo / logotype will work across different platforms, applications and situations, e.g. black, colour, website, social, etc.


  • Identity system, templates and artwork: We will create a written brand guideline, a suite of logos, templates and or artwork for various applications, including social media, websites, printed and material.


You can read more about our approach to rebrand and brand refresh projects here



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